dive in

My head is a jumble.


I’m here visiting the roommmate at work and trying to clear my head.


So many random thoughts are running into each other that I don’t know what to do with myself.

Maybe I can work em out here.

1. Blogging: I want to do it more! Journaling my food experiences, being creative, and sharing recipes/stories with y’all is something I have come to love. 

2. Waste: This is something I have come to think about a whole lot recently. I love using my Farmhouse Delivery items but man, I am one person! I don’t want to waste food and I seeing Frugal Girl’s Food Waste Friday’s only made me think about this more. I think having such a love for food and wanting to cook all the time has led to some waste that could easily be prevented. So my plan is to move to a more food journal format to share with y’all what I toss together with some concrete recipes here and there will be a good step to work on that. I think there will be less pressure to find a practiced recipe online or something to use my ingredients if I just toss stuff together as I usually would for myself.

Also! This goes for my wonderful plethora of cookbooks! They’re just sittin’ there! Keep an eye out…I think it would be a fun and refreshing challenge to cook my way through a cookbook and first up on the list is Poor Girl Gourmet’s book. I anticipate this helping me be better with buying groceries that will be used (because they’ll have an intended purpose) and to utilize the resources around me.

3. Fitness: Ok, this is a doozie. I’ve been having a tough time since Nationals. I don’ think this is a hard one to pick up on. I mean if you read back through the last school year I was a yoga-ing, running, cycling machine! Moving, two jobs, and an IT band issue has really put a damper on my spirits more than anything really and it’s time to stop pouting. I kept saying I was going to use yoga to kind of ease my body and mind back into an exercise routine and well, that didn’t work. Toeing the waters of the routine my mind and body once had has only dragged out the process and now I think the best thing to do is just dive on in.

So my plan is to participate in Jenna’s 21 day Challenge. I’ll be starting a day or two late but 21 days here I come. In addition to this I am modifying my half marathon training schedule (which I loved) to work on my knees and cardiovascular health. No more, “Hey maybe I’ll go for a run today, but what if my knees hurt?” No! I plan must be made. Keep an eye out on the menu tabs for a weekly update of my exercise goals for the week.

Like I said, saying I’ll get around to it isn’t cuttin’ it so a plan must be made.

Whew, I feel better to get all that out.

Time to head to Sprouts and get some food since I have ZERO produce at my house. Not cool.

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