Austin City Food Guide: Diners

Hi Readers!

The members of the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance have joined together to sort through, categorize, and share with you all the top places to eat while here in Austin. Whether you are just visiting the city or living near by you are sure to find a new place to check out based on one of the many categories. Check out the Austin City Food Guide here!

So, here are my top picks!

4. Counter Cafe

It’s exactly what you’re thinking. Small, quaint, and fit with a nice long counter. Be wary though, they close at four every day!

3. Magnolia Cafe

Magnolia Cafe is my top pick for late night, greasy, down home diner cookin’. They’re always open and have a wide variety of affordable  foods. My top menu picks are the magmud (queso, beans, and salsa), black bean and corn pancake dinner, and eggscape. I’ve spent many hours there. Brunch? Yes. Late night hunger pangs? Of course. It’s near my house and holds a special place in my heart as it’s where I crashed in hunger in exhaustion after my grandfather, Honey’s, passing. Whether you need to sit alone at the counter with a cup of coffee or have a late night finals-are-over celebration, they’ve got you covered.

Check it out!

2.  Foreign and Domestic

Still new to the Austin food scene, Foreign and Domestic was rated as a top diner spot by local writers. Owned by a husband and wife/chef and pastry chef pair, Ned and Jodi have created a local eatery featuring inventive and seasonal dishes that still have that cozy touch of home.

1. 24 Diner

My top pick for Austin Diner food is 24 Diner. Right the intersection of Lamar and W6th. I just love it. Think 50’s funky diner brought to the modern era with chef inspired comfort food.

It is a fantastic spot for a date, dining solo, brunch, etc… The cozy but chic environment is welcoming any time of day or night.

Personally I’ve been here for date night, an after movie snack, and happy hour (which runs 7 am to 7 pm by the way). A favorite of mine is to pop in after the lunch rush with a book and some coffee or fries with smoked aioli. If you’re unsure where to go in the expansive menu, be sure to check out the the fries with smoked aioli (YUM), the chop salad, and 24 Press. You’ll find everything from chicken and waffles to a ribeye with plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options in between.

Happy Eats Austin! I hope you’ll find lots of tasty finds here in good ole’ ATX.

Austin City Food Guide

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4 responses to “Austin City Food Guide: Diners

  1. Rebeca – I don’t think there is one diner on this list that I don’t love. Thank you!

  2. we LOVE 24 diner and counter cafe. YUM. your pic of that salad is GORGEOUS!!

  3. Great list! For anyone hanging out up North, highly recommend Monument Cafe as well – don’t think I’ve had anything there that I didn’t immediately fall in love with.

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