coffee house series: houndstooth coffee

Austin has a huge coffee scene.

There are so many shops with different venues, vibes, coffee styles, and locales.

You’re bound to find one that suits your fancy.

Today we highlight Houndstooth. Or as I like to call it, #probablythebestespressoinaustin.

Located at 42oo N. Lamar, Houndstooth prides itself in serving some of the finest coffee in the area and the baristas there are top notch. They aren’t just pouring you an old cup o’ joe, they’re going to craft you a beverage that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

This one of my personal favorites to not just grab a cup and go, but to stay and enjoy your espresso or coffee.

They offer espresso beverages, tea, and coffee via french press or siphon. That’s all kids. No big drip machine churning out pot after pot for hours.  Choose your brew method, choose your bean, and you’re good to go. It’s all done by hand, to order, no excuses.


Variety of beans from different roasters

High quality brewing and espresso pulling

Knowledgeable staff

Lot’s of electrical plugs

Beer and wine are available

Latte art/espresso shot throwdowns happen on occasion (keep up with twitter for more)


Not the fastest cup of coffee in town, but then again this is all done by hand so it’s really only a con if you’re in a hurry

Farther North, also only a con if you happen to think it’s not worth the drive

Smaller space, not a huge sitting area but sufficient. It’s not Austin Java’s seating by any means.

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