thus far, and goal setting


So August no-eating-out-active-every-day month is well on it’s way.

For the most part. I had a business dinner on my calendar that I couldn’t didn’t want to cancel, but that’s why I gave myself a day a week of wiggle room. I’d like to avoid that but things happen. I did some research on cleanses and things of the like and a lot of people suggested starting small (like not eating out) instead of doing some thing intense, like the Master Cleanse. One, because it’s important to have attainable goals. Two, it’s just as important to not beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon.

S: Eating healthy home cooked meals and dedicating time to being active every day.

M: 31 Days of cooking and activity, even 15 minutes dedicated to being active

A: This completely attainable, just takes some planning and being proactive!

R: Also, very relevant. It is never too late to implement good habits for ourselves and families.

T: 31 days.

Are your goals SMART?

You know what was smart, the dinner I made on the first.

Baked salmon, grilled bok choy ( my new favorite veggie btw), and leftover brown rice sautéed with ginger and onion.

The salmon took less than 20 minutes in the oven, the bok choy took just a few minutes, and I always make extra rice for just such an occasion.

If you make quinoa, rice, beans, etc… always make extra to remake at your next meal. You’ll thank yourself later.








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  1. Meals like that make me happy. Such a beautiful combo of yummmmy for the body food. I’ll be watching your goal and your food. I have never cooked bok choy.

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