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blueberry mornings

I work really early for the most of my work week.

Like, way before sun up early.

So, when my days off come around, I like to sleep in as late as the construction crews working on my street will let me and make a delicious breakfast that doesn’t have to be slurped up between batches of dough.

This recipe came to be because I wanted a special breakfast on a leisurely morning that I could feel good about, and not guilty.


Whole Wheat Blueberry Chia Pancakes (serves 2 to 4, depending on side vs main dish)

1 cup whole wheat pastry flour

1 T baking powder

1/2 t salt

1 T chia seeds

2 T turbinado sugar

1 egg

2 T coconut oil melted

1 t vanilla

3/4 cup almond milk

1/2 to 1 whole pint blueberries


Whisk dry ingredients together, except sugar.

Combine egg and sugar, whisk well. Add the remaining wet ingredients.

Pour wet into dry and gently fold together until combined. A few dry spots are ok, over mixing creates tough pancakes!

Heat a pan to medium, grease with butter, coconut oil, etc…Pour 1/3 cup portions in pan and sprinkle with blueberries. Cook for about 2 to 2.5 minutes and flip.

Serve immediately with real maple syrup!

*If they’re a little more raw before the first flip, it’s ok. It will allow the batter to encompass the blueberries on the other side!

*Also, remember, long and low is better than hot because they will burn before they are done!


Make these. You won’t regret it I promise. This hearty breakfast made for great morning fuel before a big ride! Whole wheat, chia, fruit, and coconut oil are great fueling foods and made these just delicious.

Lemme know what you think!


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jacob’s well day trip

I’ve lived in the Texas Hill country for about six years now.

Woah, six years? That flew by.

Anywho. Even though I’ve been here for a while there are a good handful of landmarks and natural areas that I haven’t made it to.


One of which is Jacob’s Well.

IMG_6104 - Version 2It is a natural spring and one of the longest underwater caves in Texas. (read: creepy, deep, and dangerous) This precious spot has been a treasure of this area for long before any of us where here, feeding the surrounding creeks and swimming areas as well as being a killer swimming hole that has been enjoyed for a very long time.

IMG_6111It was so nice to go out and be in the sunshine. Jacob’s Well is in Wimberley so the drive took about 15 to 20 minutes plus a little hike in from the parking area. (I bought some Chacos the next day, I will not be hiking in flip flops again) We came prepared with towels, a blanket, and a few books. Take note, dogs and alcohol are not allowed as this is now a protected area and both can disrupt the natural ecosystem of the water!

IMG_6114 - Version 2

If you’re looking for a day trip, I highly recommend heading to Wimberley to catch some sun and a swim then wander the cute shops in the downtown area. There are plenty of gift shops, a sweet pet supply, a few bistros etc… all in short walking distance from each other. You can park and walk around all the local spots.


It was already kind of late by the time we got back to the square so we just stopped for froyo at The Wooden Spoon, which was surprisingly good by froyo standards. Not icy or sugary, just creamy and delicious.


The even have a back porch to overlook the water. Froyo. Sunshine. River. We’ll be back, Wimberley!


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